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Dear Customer, be informed that we now process E-currency Funding and Withdrawals Order within to 5 to 24 working Hours

Our Working Hours NOW= 6am to 6pm. We have extended our working hours to serve you better! Does our web site take more time to open? Kindly send us your answer, views and suggestions regarding this development at

Our Policy

Thank you for your interest in knowing our policies. this pages explain to visitors and customers the way we operate in the process of doing business.

in a simple term, its shows our culture.

How long doe it takes to process E-currency withdrawal or funding order?
Please all orders are processed within 5-24hours.

Order was not processed within the time above why?

If order is not proceed within 5- 24 working hours it mean that there are some challenges at our end.

What are the common challenges that might cause this?

These challenges may include
1. We are unabel to receive your buy or sell order form from our web server plateform,
may be because, you did not submit it or server overload is delaying it.

To aviod this, try and submit the order form online on our web site Ok?

2. The bank account details you submitted to us is WRONG or is too far away from us.

Send us A CORRECT BANK DETAILS AND a likely closer bank ( like Diamond bank Plc is the closest bank to us here. so it is always faster than all, then, GTbank and FCMB if when we use internet banking to credit you}

3. poor internet service over here.

4. We were unable to confirm your credit to us due to external task so please call our phone line to let us know that you send us credit.

5 insufficient funds at our nearby ATM MACHINE as at the time we confirmed your credit to us,

6. insufficient funds at our BANK as at the time we confirmed your credit to us,
[we buy and sell different currencies and on high speed and good price too, so we process on first come first serve orders. so, as soon as we receive your fund, we add you up to the list.]
Note; insufficient fund does not always take time because we have high turn over ratio of banking deposits and withdrawals. except when there is issues such as bank debit without crediting or issuing funds which also demand applying for reverse of transaction at the respected bank.


Yes, you MUST, this will enable us store your order and keep records of all your transactions with us.


Do i need to call after payment?

Yes, you may call us on our phone no +234(0)8163104503 to let us know that you have placed your order for funding or withdrawals.

but this is not a MUST. because we will receive your order form from our web site.

How doi follow up my transactions with you (Macsoft)?

NOTE:, within all these, if there is any challenge why the order that has not been proceed by us within 5-24 hours,

we must call you to inform you of it or if you call us first, we always do well to pick your call then give you the exert reason for the delay and this is always the true state of things.

What are the steps we take to reslove delayed orders?

1. we take 5working days to resolve all our problems ensuring that all your orders are proceed.

What compansation plans do we have for you in case of delayed order?
2. we pay you 0.05% percent daily for number of days your order was delayed as a result of our internet service, network, or any other challenge that resulted to your order delay.

What about direct refund of money send?

Yes, if your e-currency you send to us has not been sold or is still available, then we send it back to you immediately after 24 working hours, from the very time and date you send the money to us. (that is, if we are sure that we wound NOT be able for solve the problem quickly. and process your order within the 5 working days which is usually hard or imposible.

What if the fund you send to us has been sold?

Yes, if the said fund have been sold out then, we take 2-7 working days out to resolve the issues and credit you with interest 0.05%.

Can order be delayed more than 40 days?


Are we profiting paying interest on delayed orders?

No, paying interest is what we use to avoid most because our profits may be used up in interest if the delay takes longer days that is why we always try to complete orders faster then espected to aviod paying interest because our exchange rate is the most friendly ever at the moment when compared to other exchangers in Nigeria.

What are our payment method?

We accept the following payment methods we acept;

  • Bank Deposit
  • Internet banking transfer
  • Mobile banking transfer
  • POS. Payment
  • ATM transfer
  • Quickteller Payment
  • Vougue payment transfer
  • E-currency payment transfers such as binary, okpay,payza,perfectmoney etc.
  • Netnaira payment transfer
  • Onlinenaira payment transfer

Please, if your most convinient payment method is not listed here, send us a mail. we will consider and enlist it because your comfort and convienience in payment is our most concern.

Do you have to make payment first?

Yes, you have to make payment first then notify us by submiting the online BUY/SELL ORDER FORM on our web site ( before we can process your order.

Payment made to a wrong account cause by you?

Yes, if we make payment to a wrongly submited bank account by you, we will not pay you interest for the delay. 5,000-10,000 NGN fee is attached and a 14 days bank verification and fund retrival period is required depending on the amount.

so try and check your bank or ecurrency account details before submiting the order form online.

Do you make Refund?

Yes, we do refund money back after payment was made to our account. But YOU MUST apply officially by sending "an application for refund letter"to the administrator/ Director via email stating the date the payment was made, the purpose and the Bank account details you want us to pay your money into and reason for cancelling your order or why you request a refund.

It will be reviewed and treated within 1-4 working days from the date of application depending on funds availability with 25% deduction as transaction cost charge for order below 100USD and 20% for order above 100USD.


We appreciate you for your time and hope you understand our culture if you need more explainations, call us on phone please.

Again, we wish to say THANK YOU for your time and understanding.

By doing Business with us, it means you have read and understand the above terms willing engaging with us in business and accepted our terms of service to you.

Signed: Macsoft: MANAGEMENT!
Updated this date 12th May 2016


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